2018 TRU Campus Singing Contest

This event is hosted by Chinese Students & Scholars Association, and the time of the final contest is close to Chinese New Year, so certain traditional Chinese performance will be presented. Therefore, students can learn abundant cultural knowledge about the Chinese culture from watching video about Chinese arts and history of a variety of ethnic groups and regions. Also, as the contestants come from different backgrounds and countries, singing the traditional songs from their countries, diverse culture will be brought to this event. Students and TRU staff can share, communicate, and interact the cultural knowledge by listening to these music.

Through enjoying songs from diverse cultures and languages and watching the performances, students can learn the knowledge while having fun, which is a more effective way to acquire knowledge and get deep impression of cultures. By comparison with reading books at home, they have this exciting experience to see, listen, touch and participate this meaning for event, and they will understand the importance of international friendship and satisfy the curiosity of other countries. Apart from the heavy study pressure, they can wind down themselves and recharge the battery for future dedication; these students will be exposed to cultures, reduce the cultural conflict and misunderstandings between Chinese and international students.

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